How to fit a RoofScope

Rotate mirror

Rotate to tighten base

Mount mirror

Press to tilt arm

Select a suitable position either inside or outside the vehicle from where you can see your roof rack or rooftop cargo in the wide-angle RoofScope mirror;


On vehicles with a raked windscreen, this is likely to be  on the inside of the glass




where, a shallower windscreen doesn't allow a good view,  on the  bonnet or the outside of the windscreen


When mounting the RoofScope be careful not to obstruct your view of the road. If mounting it on the windscreen, ensure that it does not foul the windscreen wipers


When you have selected a position, clean the surface thoroughly with the alcohol wipe or warm soapy water. Rinse and dry


Lightly moisten the silicon suction cup, place the RoofScope in the  position you’ve chosen and turn the knurled knob clockwise as indicated on the base until the mounting is securely fixed. The base sucker will not mark paint or glass


With appropriate positioning, the RoofScope can also be used to monitor tow bars and blind spots


To attach the RoofScope mirror, align the pressure pads on the mirror and arm and push them firmly together - an audible ‘click’ confirms the mirror is properly fixed to the arm



Aligning the RoofScope

Adjust the arm and the rotating mirror mount until you have a good view of your roof rack or rooftop cargo from the driving seat


When setting the viewing angle, it is best to do this by angling the mirror on the rotating mount. Hold both the mirror and the RoofScope stand while making the adjustments



Place the RoofScope sticker on the inside of the windscreen as a handy reminder that you have cargo on your roof.


Be sure it doesn’t obscure your view

of the road though!




To remove the RoofScope

Turn the collar anti-clockwise and gently lift  the sucker tab on the silicon suction cup


The mirror can be removed with a firm pull and stored in the pouch



Warning. RoofScope is a safety product. Do not allow it to become a hazard to yourself or other road users - Before you start a journey, always check that the RoofScope mounting and mirror are secure


See Important Safety and Product Information